Circular economy related to biological streams


AC3A is partner in a new project BIOREGIO, financed by Interreg Europe. BIOREGIO – Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams – aims at improving and developing regional policies through increased focus on circular economy related to biological streams. These streams comprise food waste and bio waste, municipal and industrial sludge and agricultural residues, which can be treated with similar technologies. BIOREGIO will improve knowledge related to policies and technologies of biological streams and increase the low recycling rates of these materials. Interregional cooperation will enhance the understanding among staff members in authorities and participating organisations to better comprehend the possibilities for closing the loops of biological streams, e.g. fertilisers and biofuels, instead of disposal. As a result of BIOREGIO, the partner regions will be better equipped to develop new policies and implement new technologies and models in order to move towards circular economy of biological streams. In the long run, this will enhance innovations related to saving natural resources as well as green growth and new jobs. The best practices of project innovations will be clearly documented and shared for wider EU use.

More information about the BIOREGIO project (in French).

Project website (in English):