Demonstration farms in Europe


AC3A is partner within in a new project “AgriDemo-F2F”, financed in the framework of the research and innovation program Horizon 2020. The project global objective is to improve the peer-to-peer learning within the “commercial” agriculture community (services to farmers). The project will use the experience of the different actors and will involve farmers for a better understanding of demonstration farm activities effectiveness (multi-actors approach). First of all, the partnership will proceed to geo-reference inventory of open “commercial” farms which  provide demonstration activities in Europe. The project will also describe the mediation technics they apply. Then, case studies will be selected to make a deep comparative analysis. Furthermore, the efficiency of the different approaches within the case studies will be evaluated by an assessment of the scope and the nature of the learning. The simultaneously empowerment of the agriculture community and the trade policy in the use of those best practices will occur in and during the dissemination of the project results and the “agricultural demonstration” will be present at Demo-Hub, an interactive tool, orientated to the user, cartographic web-application.

More information about AgriDemo-F2F project.