Regional meeting with circular economy actors

A regional meeting was organised mid-October by AC3A in order to establish a group of stakeholders composed of important actors in the field of circular economy of biological streams before the upcoming interregional event programmed for end of November in Puertollano and Toledo in Spain.

During the meeting, a special focus was put on the current state and perspectives for the development of public policies in the field of biowaste reduction and recycling. The participants were the Regional Council of the region of Pays de la Loire (in charge of the relevant public policy), Mauges Communauté (engaged in implementing public policies), AILE association (energy agency) and Methatlantique (cluster of technical operators developing and implementing new practices).

The main theme of the next BIOREGIO interregional event will focus on biorefineries and high value products, as well as on discovering good practices of the region of Castilla-La Mancha.

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