Meeting with Mauges Communauté

Suggested by the Region of Pays de la Loire to be the territory of development in organic waste reduction, Mauges communauté received AC3A  in order to officialise its engagement in the BIOREGIO project as stakeholder. Mauges communauté is a rural territory comprising 6 communes, populated by 120 000 people inhabiting an area of 315 km2, or 90 inhabitants per km2.

The facilitators as well as the President in charge of Circular economy department, Christoph Dile, have prepared a proposal for the Board of Mauges communauté to officially bring this organisation into the BIOREGIO project.

A delegate of Mauges communauté will participate in the works during the 2nd interregional event in Spain in November 2017 in order to provide supplementary information and to develop activities that will be beneficial to this territory, as well as the BIOREGIO project.

The proposal with regard to their activities in the project focuses on an agricultural and rural aspect of organic waste, its objective being to develop an active participation of farmers, 7 of which are mayors of communes belonging to Mauges communauté. The Chamber of Agriculture of Pays de la Loire could become a stakeholder in the BIOREGIO project on the theme of circular agriculture and waste recovery.

With the support of AC3A, involved in two other European projects on creating value with bio-based products (BioBase4SME financed by Interreg North-West Europe) and on reduction of food waste (Food Heroes, financed by Interreg North-West Europe), Mauges communauté and the Region of Pays de la Loire could build on activities of these projects to create future actions and developments in the BIOREGIO project.