SFATE meets for the third time in Marburg



Between 31st January and 2nd February 2018, AC3A and the Chamber of Agriculture of Normandy met the partners of SFATE for the third transnational meeting (the last meeting took place in July 2017, in Caen). The meeting was hosted at the Philipps Universitaet in Marburg, Germany. The aim of this partner meeting was to assesse the progress achieved so far and plan future activities.

The agenda of the meeting involved the presentation of the SFATE portal and presentation of technologies used in the field of agriculture within each partner region. Through these presentations, we discovered vertical green walls used in Slovenia in urban areas (see video below).

Following this, a student from the department of geography of Philipps Universitaet Marburg presented to the group her study research about the use of drones in rural areas. Partners discovered the advantages of this tool in agriculture.

On the second day, partners worked in workshops to discuss the dissemination plan and the multiplier event which will be held at the end of the project.

The next meeting will be held in Slovenia in July.

More about SFATE (in French)

Vertical green walls :