Sfate meeting in Naklo, Slovenia



Biotehniski center Naklo in Slovenia, hosted the fourth transnational meeting of the project SFATE. The SFATE partners work with agricultural stakeholders to improve training and dissemination with regard to the use of new technologies in agriculture. The project enables the creation of a smart farming portal in which technological tools, trainings and job opportunities in agriculture will be presented. It will be available at the end of this year.

The meeting provided the partners the opportunity to discover the Biotehniski center Naklo, a school educating its students in the fields of agronomy, biotechnology, food technology and horticulture.  It is composed of 3 units; a secondary school, a higher vocational college and an enterprise centre. The school is also involved in research and development projects oriented towards sustainable development. Biotehniski center Naklo, cultivates 23 hectares and has an orchard and numerous farm buildings; greenhouses, cowshed, stables etc. Also, together with its students, the school transforms the produce from the school into several products using its own facilities. These products, such as yogurt, cheese, honey etc. are sold in the school shop.

More info about the project here (in French)