24th annual Congress of AC3A



The Chamber of Agriculture of Britanny has hosted 21 out of 29 members of the Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area at our 24th annual Congress on the last days of August 2018.

Under the sun of the Morbihan Bay, the congress delegates assessed 14 European projects led by the Chambers of agriculture of the Atlantic area, including one assisting the DG-Agri through the European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI), where AC3A is an active member.

During a discussion on the “Ambitions of the future CAP” it was concluded by the elected European and regional members, representatives of the State, and observers from Europe that there was little change in the project of the Common Agricultural Policy. Their statements brought to light the fact that the objective of the new project was not budget amounts, but their repartition for the benefit of axis essential for agriculture in the Atlantic regions of Europe.

On the second day, the talks about social acceptability with regard to agricultural activities have underlined the necessity of raising awareness among farmers towards social challenges. Relying on examples from domains such as breeding, AD, renewable energies, and water projects, the participants have confirmed their will to be active actors for a change in agriculture, where link with the society must become stronger.

Photo congres

In the picture from the left to the right:

Joël Limouzin – Vice president of the FNSEA

Marc Séverac – Bureau Europe of the DGPE

Jeff Boonen – Famer from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Karine Gloanec Maurin – Deputy of the European Parliament

Olivier Allain – Vice president of the Britanny Region