Discover goat meat at Nantes Food Forum


Nantes Food Forum is happening this week in Nantes – 3-7 October. It is co-organised by Le Voyage à Nantes and Alimentation Générale, and it aims to bring together everyone from the food supply chain from farmer to consumer and imagine together how the future of eating might look like and to debate the different food challenges we are currently facing.

Within this event, there are several activities organised in partnership with the Chambre d’agriculture des Pays de la Loire and the Food Heroes Interreg project on the theme of goat meat.

Creating a supply chain

In Pays de la Loire, in 2015, almost 100 million litres of goats milk were produced. To provide this milk, the goats have to give birth to kids, both male and female. The male goats, as they represent 50% of this offspring and cannot produce milk, could be marketed as meat. In Pays de la Loire, goat meat is relatively unknown. However, it is a surprising product, tasty, tender and low in fat. An experiment has been launched in 2018 in Pays de Loire to create a supply chain for this mature male goat meat.

Activities at Nantes Food Forum

Saturday 6 October 2018 

11h30 – Les Grandes aventures du Nantes Food Forum – Auditorium de l’école des Beaux Arts Nantes-Saint-Nazaire

James Whetlor – former London chef, founder of Cabrito and Goatober, author of GOAT cooking & eating talks about his experiences from Brooklyn to London on the commercialisation of goat meat, a growing necessity as demand for goat milk increases.

16h30 – Carrefour des territoires – « Les représentations croisées ville-campagne et leurs incidences, les fantasmes en questions » – Foyer Bas de l’école d’architecture de Nantes

Round table where farmers shed light on some of the myths that exist between town and countryside.  

Sunday 7 October 2018

11h – 19h – Grand marché – Quai François Mitterand

Come to the great market and discover local products from Pays de la Loire from more than 70 producers. Producers of organic goats milk from the GAEC Caprin des Prés (Faveraye-Machelles), from the Ferme des caprices d’Anglos (Montfaucon-Montigné), Ferme des 2 rivières (Argentenay), GAEC Bellevue (Bressuire) and Xavier ROUX (le Longeron) accompany James WHETLOR who’ll be behind the grill so that you can try goat meat from Pays de Loire as well as some local cheeses. 

11h00 – Atelier Slow Food : Découvrez les cabris et fromage de chèvre – in front of la maison de l’architecture

Cécile Catelain, les 2 rivières, who produces organic goat milk, cheese and yoghurts, and Xavier Roux, who produces organic goat milk au Longeron, will let you try their products !

An initiative of the European project Food Heroes, involving AC3A, Chambre d’agriculture des Pays de la Loire, Laval Mayenne Technopole et surtout des agriculteurs du CIVAM Haut Bocage.

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