Goat meat at the “Tables de Nantes” event

The first evening of the Tables de Nantes 2019 event took place in the HAB Gallérie, quai des Antilles, in Nantes on Monday 23rd September. This evening was for the 60 restaurants from the “Tables de Nantes” guide.

In connection with the Food Heroes project, AC3A and the Chamber of Agriculture Pays de la Loire have been working with a number of dairy goat farmers since 2018. The objective is to create a successful secteur for “Autumn goat meat” (male goats from 6 to 12 months). This summer, we accompanied these breeders to meet a wholesaler and this Autumn we are continuing working on the establishment of the sector with the presence of goat meat at the Tables de Nantes event.

The opening evening – “Tables de Nantes” event 2019

Following a prestation about the new aspects of this event for this year, the organisers revealed 4 of the jury’s favourite restuarants. These restaurants are relatively new and the jury liked very much their food and the ambiance.

The 4 restaurants prepared canapés made from goat meet especially for this event:

  • L’Aménité, Richard Cornet
  • Auberge de la Madeleine, Jean-René Pelletier
  • Roza, Jean-Francois Pantaleon
  • Sources, Ingrid Deffein et Guillaume Decombat

This event was for the restaurants only, but the general public can come and meet the breeders and taste the goat meat at the Grand Marché des Pays de la Loire which will take place on 29 September from 11am to 6pm, Quai des Antilles in Nantes.

More information on Food Heroes.